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Israel Concierge in cooperation with “Private Driver” is pleased to offer you 24-hour auto-tracking services. For more detailed information, please write to: info@israelconcierge.co.il The Israel Concierge auto-tracking service is the best among its competitors in this field. We understand that timing is a very important point, that changes in the schedule are inevitable, and details play a big role. Our staff has work experience both with large and small groups, specializes also in corporate meetings, movie premieres or just an evening out to the city. If you need further assistance in transferring to the venue or event, you can order one of our representatives directly on the site. Our coordinators will work with you to make sure that your vehicle arrives on time, and the driver knows how to get to the destination, and they will help you and your guests get to the vehicles. The prices for this service vary according to the requested location, the duration of the service and the number of required coordinators. Planning your next meeting or a trip with Israel Concierge, you can count on timely and trouble-free service!


VIP Super – Our VIP fast track service


An Israel Concierge VIP representative will wait for you at the entrance to the Departures Hall, where you will be escorted expeditiously, avoiding the queues, all the way to the Duty Free Hall. Israel Concierge will ensure that you are not delayed by the security inspection, check in and passport control, so that you can reach the Duty Free Hall as soon as possible.


When you land and start your journey in Israel – the first thing awaiting is the long queue in the passport control hall. That is exactly where Elite VIP’s personal representative will wait for you. Your personal representative will escort you through a fast track exclusive priority lane, making sure you won’t have to wait in a queue until you exit the airport.

 Superb – A smooth airport experience


Enjoy a personal escort throughout all airport and pre-flight procedures, including security, check-in and passport control, with no waiting in queues. Your personal representatives will escort you to the Duty Free Hall and will remain at your service until you board the plane.


A personal escort will meet you from the moment you step off the plane and up until you leave the airport. You will then be taken to a private car that will drive you directly to the passport control hall, through the “airspace” (the area where only airplanes and airport service vehicles are permitted to drive). Your personal representative will escort you to a separate desk where you will undergo a personal entry process before entering the country. After retrieving your luggage and passing through customs – your representative will accompany you until you leave the airport.

 VIP Supreme – when all airport services come to you


Your personal Israel Concierge representative is at your service upon your arrival at the Metsada VIP Lounge, and will accompany you on your easy, exceptional and quick departure from Israel. Israel Concierge will make sure that all the airport services – passport control and security – come to you in the lounge. Your personal representative will then escort you to your comfortable luxury car, which will quickly and discreetly take you from the lounge to the airplane through the “airspace” (the area where only airplanes and airport service vehicles are permitted to drive). Your personal representative will accompany you up until you enter the jetway, with no waiting in the regular queue


Indulge in a comfortable ride in one of our private luxury cars, from your home to the airport or from the airport to your home.

Private Helicopter Tours in Israel

Enjoy the views from up above as you take a scenic helicopter tour in Israel!

Whether you want to charter a helicopter to tour Israel from above or you want a quick helicopter ride to Jerusalem to dine in your favorite restaurant, TLV VIP ensures comfort, security and prestige.

Hire a VIP helicopter for exclusive helicopter tours over Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Negev, the Golan Heights, Haifa, the Carmel Mountain and Nazareth.

Private helicopter flights are the best way to see the spectacular views in Israel. TLV VIP helicopter tours are completely customizable with the option to select flight duration, pick-up location, multiple landings and take-offs and additional Israel excursions. Browse some suggested scenic helicopter flights and allow us to create the perfect experience just for you!

Northern Israel Helicopter Trip

  • Helicopter ride includes views of Tel Aviv, Ceaserea, Haifa, Akko, Rosh Hanikra, Lebanon Border, Mount Hermon. Excursion includes tour the old city walls in Akko and dining.

  • Flight: 1.5 hours

Dead Sea and Masada Helicopter Tour

  • Rent a helicopter to fly from Tel Aviv to Masada to see the ancient fortress from above. Excursion includes a salty swim in the Dead Sea, spa treatments and luxurious dining. Fly back to Tel Aviv feeling like a newly rejuvenated person.

  • Flight: 2 hours

Southern Israel Helicopter Trip

  • Charter a helicopter from Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva, the Negev Craters and Sde Boker. Excursion includes a tour of Ben-Gurion College, Jeep tours through natural craters and an exploration of Israel’s local farm culture.

  • Flight: 2.5 hours

Sea of Galilee Helicopter Tour

  • Helicopter tour includes view of Tel Aviv, Ceaserea, the Green Line, Israel’s West Bank barrier, Megiddo, Mount Tavor and Nazareth. Excursion includes a sailing voyage in the Sea of Galilee, visit to the ancient churches and a delicious meal at Kibbutz Genosar

  • Flight 1.5 hours

Jerusalem Helicopter Flight

  • Hire a helicopter to transport you from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Excursion includes a tour through the Old City to the Western Wall, Tower of David, Kotel Tunnels, the David Fortress and the Jewish Quarter. Visit the Holocaust Memorial, Yad Vashem, and enjoy lunch or dinner before flying back to Tel Aviv.

  • Flight: 1.5 hours


  • Twin Engine AS 355 “Twin Star” Eurocopter – 6 passengers

  • Single Engine AS 350 A-Star Eurocopter – 5 passengers

  • Single engine Bell 206 helicopter – 4 passengers

  • VIP Robinson R44 – 4 passengers

All helicopters boast high performance capability and luxurious interiors – ideal VIP helicopters even for Israel’s most extreme conditions and climates.

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